Preliminary Scientific programme

Saturday, October 2, 2021



Opening ceremony

Chair: Jiri Beranek



Chair: Jiri Beranek

Robin Stanley (Australia): Third Eyelid problems in dogs and cats



Chair: Jiri Beranek

Robin Stanley (Australia): Management of keratomalacia in dogs and cats






Oral presentations

Chair: Paola Cassarani

12:30–12:45   Anais Cathelin (France): Ocular dermoids in 13 cats a multicenter retrospective study
12:45–13:00   Jennifer Anne (France): Surgical outcomes of bovine amniotic membrane transplantation in 63 cats with corneal lesion
13:00–13:15   Clara Landrevie (France): Treatment of canine spontaneous chronic corneal epithelial defects (SCCEDs) with thermokeratoplasty a retrospective study of 90 cases
13:15–13:30   Jowita Zwolska (Poland): Spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) analysis of choroidal thickness profile in mixed breed dogs
13:30–13:45   Ana Monteiro (Portugal): Surgical marsupialization technique with third eyelid preservation to solve a case of dacryops in a feline – first case-report and technical considerations

Lukashina Ulyana (Russia): Comparison of PHAC and ASP-IRII methods in the treatment of cataracts in tiger cubs

14:00–15:30     Exhibition, posters, break
    Jennifer Anne (France): Bovine amniotic membrane transplantation in feline corneal sequestrum surgery a retrospective study of 31 cats
    Anastasiia Sevastyanova (Russia): Transpupillary panretinal laser photocoagulation as a prevention of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment in dog (case report)
    Marcella Filezio (Brazil): Iatrogenic globe penetration and intracameral application of 2% lidocaine during infraorbital nerve block in a cat
    Liga Sarpio (Latvia): Comparison of five conjunctival cytology sampling methods in healthy cats
    Daria Malakhova (Ukraine): Progressive retrocorneal pigmentation in dogs 2 cases in Ukraine

Kevin Puertas-Neyra (Spain): Retinal cells apoptosis characterization during in vitro retinal degeneration



Chair: Thomas Boillot

Joe Wolfer (Canada): Tips and tricks not only for the beginning ophthalmologists



Chair: Thomas Boillot

Doug Esson (USA): The Expanding Clinical Horizon

Sunday, October 3, 2021



Chair: Jiri Beranek

Akihiko Saito (Japan): Gonio-implant surgery in dogs – Tips for better outcomes from Japan 



Chair: Jiri Beranek

Stefan Kindler (Germany): HED quiz, slide show



Oral presentations

Chair: Paola Cassarani

12:00–12:15   Niranjana Chandrasekaran (India): Hounsfield unit as a prognostic indicator for ophthalmic lesions using computed tomography
12:15–12:30   Beatriz Silva (Portugal): In vivo evaluation of a nanoparticulate system for EPOβ ocular delivery by subconjunctival route
12:30–12:45   Yuliia Kuliagina (Russia): Comparative analysis of diathermic high-frequency and forceps capsulorhexis of the posterior lens capsule during phacoemulsification in animals

G. Santos (Portugal): Biocompatibility and tolerance of the ineye® insert in rabbits

13:00–14:00     Exhibition, posters, break
    Gerlinde Janssens (Belgium): Conjunctival calcinosis circumscripta in the third eyelid of a cat
    Leonor Ferreira (Portugal): Use of autologous serum in the treatment of corneal ulcers in dogs
    Vanessa Pais (Portugal): Selection criteria for intraocular lenses after phacoemulsification cataract surgery in dogs
    Iyer Ramani Chandrasekhara (India): Bilateral cataract extraction by phacoemulsification in domestic goats (Capra hircus) – case reports
    Erica Gomes (Portugal): Clinical score and therapeutic protocols in canine allergic conjunctivitis

Ana Mafalda Ramirez (Portugal): Prevalence of ophthalmological chronic diseases in a veterinary hospital



Chair: Esmeralda Delgado

Cristina Seruca (Portugal): Tips and Tricks on Advanced Eyelid Surgery I.



Chair: Esmeralda Delgado

Cristina Seruca (Portugal): Tips and Tricks on Advanced Eyelid Surgery II.



Closing ceremony

Chair: Thomas Boillot


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